Just about all of us have felt this way at times. It seems that the auto insurance trade just keeps on taking, and we just have to keep on forking out, or face the consequences. It is a common phenomenon, but it can be dealt with. Statistics have shown that more than ninety five percent of Americans pay more for auto insurance than they should. It was also calculated that the average person is likely to spend more than a hundred thousand dollars on car insurance in a lifetime. For that price you could buy a couple of cars, so it seems somewhat out of proportion. The slightest indication of an increase in risk means an increase of fifteen to twenty percent in your monthly premiums. Granted, the insurance companies have to show a profit to stay in business, and they have to manage risk effectively. However, if ninety five percent of the population is paying to much, something is wrong. Is it due to ignorance on the part of the owner of the vehicle? Possibly, but not everyone can be expected to be an expert on everything. Is it due to insurance companies asking abnormally high rates? The fact that five percent of the population does indeed pay a fair rate, proves otherwise. The problem arises, most likely, during the sales process. Either the broker does not see the necessity of explaining all the possibilities to the client, or the client does not give the broker the required time to explain all the possible options. Regardless of who is at fault, you still end up paying more than you should. There are a number of choices that could lower your rates considerably, regardless of your age, driving record, or your credit score. If you cannot, or do not trust your broker to tell you about it, you will just have to find out for yourself, or pay the price of ignorance.