The engine is protected from damage by a fuel filter that has been maintained in perfect condition. The carburetors as well as the injection fuel are also shielded from clogging by tiny particles. The one engine component recommended to be replaced at least yearly on average commuter vehicles is the fuel filter. This replacement is effected in just a few minutes and one good way on how to replace a fuel filter is to avoid skipping the important fuel system pressure release. The fuel filter is recommended for replacement after every 60,000 miles covered. It is easy to replace but a messy process resulting from gasoline spills. To access the fuel filter a car is raised a bit as it is located on the right side of the car right in front of the rear tire. Disabling the fuel pump is a good way on how to replace a fuel filter for it reduces the amounts of gas falling on ones head. Fuel flowing from the filter to the engine is blocked by a clogged fuel filter. Without a fuel pump the engine gets starved. Several ways on how to replace a fuel pump include working from an open area that offers ventilation. The tools required to replace an electric fuel pump include socket set, fire extinguisher, a large fuel catch container, Philips head screwdriver, open end wrench set, flat head screwdriver, new fuel line and a replacement fuel pump. The electric fuel pump produces high fuel pressure to supply the electronic fuel injection with pressurized fuel. The fuel pressure is required to be released first before removing the fuel pump and its associate parts. Another way on how to replace a fuel pump is by disconnecting the negative terminal in the battery as a method of eliminating sparks. The fuel pump is easily located if it is mounted under the car as someone can slid underneath the car to unscrew bolts that usually hold it in place. It drops slightly for everything needs to be disconnected for it to come off its insulating sleeve. Types of fuel pumps mounted inside the fuel tank are removed from the inside of the car. The in-tank fuel pump can be accessed from under the back seat or for the lucky it is usually found under the carpet and the access panel in the truck. Another way on how to replace a fuel pump is by disconnecting the fuel lines. The fuel lines are removed and the hose clamp holding the low pressure side in loosened. However, the high fuel pressure is still present even after the engine is turned off.