The state of Florida has very strict laws when it comes to road violations and it is essential that people not just follow these rules blindly but rather understand the need for such stringent rules. Beside the fact that the Florida state laws are very strict even when it comes to issuing a license and adheres to them at all times what is even worse are the laws against drunken driving. The law clearly mentions the permissible quantity which is not more than three drinks if you are driving after drinks. It also clearly mentions what are the consequences of drunken driving and they are not very pleasant so why get into it? A case of drunken driving in the state of Florida is dealt with severity and can include anything and everything from your license being suspended for a year or more, you being put behind the bars for 6 months or more for the first time, fifty hours of community service, probation for a year, and that’s just when you are caught the first time. If you do manage to get caught a second time then they will suspend your license for a period of good eighteen months and you can multiply the other actions by a couple of months or more and do not forget the fine which is always above $500. And the nightmare does not end here they will install an ignition interlock device in your car; this may also happen when you are caught the first time depending on the severity of your offence. This can be anyone’s worst nightmare and stands proof to how serious the law is about drunken driving and punishment. The ignition interlock device is similar to the breath analyzer however this device, as the name suggests is interlocked with the ignition in your vehicle and is installed on the dashboard of one’s car. What does it do? When the driver gets into the car, even before starting the engine he needs to exhale in to the ignition interlock and if the breath-alcohol concentration is greater than the prescribed or permissible blood-alcohol concentration which is about 0.2 to 0.4 per cent the vehicle will not start. And even if you manage to clear the test and start the engine the ignition interlock will ask for random samples now and then of another breath sample. This is clearly to avoid from anyone else also getting drunk in to that car in between the ride. But what you need to know is what it does if the breath sample analyzed at random when the engine is running and is found to be crossing the permissible concentration of the ignition interlock device, it will warn the driver and then set off an alarm (flashing lights, honking, etc.) The alarm will continue till the engine is turned off. Instead of facing the horror of going to jail, paying awful amounts of fine, getting an ignition interlock device installed or just the fact of having to be present in front of the court of law for drunken driving can be avoided against six hours of a Florida defensive driving school. Defensive driving schools in Florida are sure to save you the hassle of going through being prosecuted and will be able to better explain the hazards of reckless driving. The state of Florida supports defensive driving and what’s more it may also lead to you losing a few points from your license. So you not just prepare yourself to be a better driver at an FL defensive driving school but also undo your past mistakes. In many cases the court of law itself will also suggest the offender to enroll in a Florida defensive driving school as part of the punishment. Why be punished when you can enjoy benefits from attending FL defensive driving school and avoid the embarrassment? Enroll in a state of Florida defensive driving school today!