There is little doubt that these are hard economic times. Banks and insurance companies are the highest recipients of federal bail-out money. And the Big Three auto makers aren't far behind. These times make the need to spend wisely and frugally top on the list of most businesses, small and large alike. Things like shopping for affordable business auto insurance is of greater and greater importance. A business that uses a fleet of vehicles generally has an ongoing relationship with a car company and insurance company. And this spring and summer of 2009, those relationships will be in a greater state of flux than at any time before in history. As fluid as the situation must become, the existence of the Internet and the ability to get instantaneous vehicle insurance quotes online will only make things even less likely to stay the same. With the recent scandal surrounding AIG, many businesses are wondering about the stability of their own risk management. Are the government bail-out programs going to help the business owner faced with huge bills for maintaining insurance on their fleets? Are vehicle insurance rates going to be affected by the financial and employment turmoil? What about the small business owner, or the person who is in a job that allows them to take a deduction for their car expenses. What does this turmoil in the American auto industry and in the insurance mean for them? It means that there is opportunity and danger. Are you going to be purchasing or leasing a new vehicle? That only complicates the situation. The changes being forced upon General Motors and Chrysler by the credit crisis will have the effect of dramatically lowering product loyalty. In consequence, truck and car buyers will, in many cases, be considering models they are unfamiliar with. While this type of action will be gut-wrenchingly disruptive for U.S. auto makers, it will similarly demand a change in process in the auto and truck buying and insurance decision process for business. The stability that product familiarity brings when it comes to business expenditures no longer exists in the area of vehicle replacement decisions. Due diligence is the buzz word for anyone whose bottom line is impacted by business auto insurance rates. And who has the time to work their way through endless voice menus trying to get to an agent? If you are a small business owner you know that success depends on how much work you have to do to get work; and getting business auto quotes online is the most efficient way to obtain the proper information you need.