Many people yearn for a luxury car. Unfortunately, they can't afford it. Considering that they usually start at $36,000, it may mean a year's salary for a recent college graduate. Does that mean that you have limit yourself to a compact car made in Korea? Not necessarily. There is another way to get yourself the luxury car that you were looking for. And that is used luxury cars. Where Should I Start Looking For A Luxury Car For Sale? A good place to start to look for a luxury car for sale is the internet. Look for online auctions at places like eBay Motors. Oftentimes you can find a bargain. In these tough economic times many luxury car owners are cutting expenses by eliminating their luxury car payment. That can mean a real bargain for you. A good place to begin your search is Best Luxury Auto Auctions. Another option is specialty stores that dedicate themselves to selling secondhand luxury cars. They may be more expensive than the market average, but you may find a good choice. There are luxury cars that weren't overly used by their owners and have been well maintained. Within specialty stores you have two options: physical stores and Internet stores. The nice thing about the internet is that you can look at hundreds of available options. But remember that you still have to go and take a look at the car. There are things that even the best photo can't reveal. Another good place to look for a luxury car for sale is at car rental agencies. These companies usually renew their fleet of vehicles once every two or three years. That means that you can obtain a real bargain on a used luxury car. Although the mileage can be a little too high for your liking, remember that the car has gone through the most detailed maintenance that a car can have. Not many luxury car owners can boast that. What Should I Consider When Looking For A Luxury Car For Sale? The first thing to look for in a luxury car for sale is the historic record of the car. Do not buy any car without getting a Carfax or AutoCheck history report. These reports will reveal accident reports and many other things an eager seller may not want to disclose. The car mileage is also important. A car, on average, does acquire between 15,000 to 20,000 miles per year. Either too low or too high isn't good. A too low figure can mean two things. That the car was tampered with or that it wasn't correctly used. Remember that a car, even a luxury car, is a machine that needs to be used - that's what it was designed for.