The Internet has made it much easier for consumers to research and purchase products. Every year statistics show that online sales increase. Car parts are no exception to this growing trend. With the range of sellers that the internet is able to provide, consumers find it much easier to buy needed car parts online. Often certain rare car parts are difficult for consumers to locate. However, with the click of a mouse, consumers are able to search the far corners of the globe to find the part they need for their vehicle. Not only does having wider access to sellers increase the variety of parts, it also makes it quite simple for buyers to research prices and locate the best deal that fits their budgets. There are several different options to purchase parts online. Most major car parts stores have an online store. This is very helpful when you visit your local store and find that they do not have the part you need in stock. Going instead to their website, allows you access to the company's entire inventory. Some retailers only offer certain products through their website, often dubbed "online exclusives". To sweeten the appeal of shopping online, these retailers may offer free shipping depending upon the amount of your purchase. Another marketing technique is providing the option of shipping to the local store for free. Consumers are notified upon their parts' arrival and can go pick it up. Another popular option for procuring car parts is an online auction. A well-known auction site for car parts is eBay motors. This is a great source for obscure or vintage car parts. Often times other automotive enthusiasts have just the part you're looking for. Whatever the source you choose to find that auto part you need, you can be sure that the Internet will make your search much easier. After purchasing your car parts online, there are numerous resources available online to support your purchases. Manual, many no longer in print, can be easily accessed electronically and often at no cost. This is more efficient for consumers and also helps decrease the usage of paper.