Have you just received your license and are excited to drive your own car? We might need to cut short your excitement for there are still many things for you to consider before driving your car. Auto insurance is one of these necessary requirements for you to get on the road and drive your car. If you are a new driver, you should expect that your car insurance for new driver will cost you a fortune. It is because most insurers, based on their statistics, find these new drivers as inexperienced drivers thus they have greater risks of getting into frequent accidents. However, seasoned drivers are enjoying lowered premium rates than new drivers because they have maintained a good safety record on the road. In that sense, if a motorist can keep a good driving record, it won't necessarily follow that a good auto insurance deal is hard to find even with a new driver. So as a new driver, take the following advice on how you can save some money on your car insurance for new driver.

Drive defensively

As a new driver, you might have heard over this phrase being repeatedly advised to you. This is because traffic accidents can almost be preventable if you just know how to drive defensively. Defensive driving is an approach in driving that makes use of specific safe driving skills and techniques to overcome and avoid road hazards. Above all, most insurance companies take defensive driving courses as a step towards a lowered insurance premium rates. So enjoy greater discounts just by driving safely on the road.

Choose Low Group Car

Most of the money paid out during a claim goes to the repair cost of the car. This is why car repair cost is one of the significant factors for most insurers when calculating their new drivers car insurance rates. Cars from the lower type group are cheaper to insure because they have lower cost of repair. So if you haven't bought yet a car, choose a low group car.