If you are a student and you want to get student car insurance, be ready to pay a lot for your insurance coverage. It is a common practice in the vehicle insurance industry to give expensive car insurance to students. This is due to several factors. One, student drivers do not have a lengthy driving record to show. Second, they also lack a good credit record to present to car insurance companies. Likewise, young drivers usually go for unsafe vehicles like SUVs. But young drivers like you can get cheap student car insurance if you follow some basic tips. Student car insurance is not affordable because young drivers are not as experienced as older drivers. The lack of experience of young drivers makes them more likely to commit mistakes when driving. This in turn leaves them prone to collisions and causing injuries and property damages. Consequently, car insurance companies charge high risk rating to young drivers because of the reputation of young drivers. It is also difficult to get affordable student car insurance because young drivers usually do not have a credit record to speak off. If they have a credit rating, young drivers usually have a poor credit record. Creditworthiness is important for car insurers because it gives them an idea if a vehicle owner is worthy enough to be given lower car insurance rates. Student car insurance is not affordable because young drivers love to drive sports car and vehicles with big engines. These types of cars are not considered safe by most car insurance companies since they are prone to collisions and accidents. If you want to get cheap car insurance, then you may have to enroll in a driving school to prove that you are competent enough as a driver. You may also have to choose smaller vehicles like a Honda car to get cheap student car insurance.