Make no mistake about it the women have an advantage when it comes to car insurance. Because of the better driving record, women car insurance have the rates that are lower than the premiums for men. The fact is that insurance companies use data like this to formulate their rate quotes for all drivers and for all ages. The ladies should take advantage of the great rates for car insurance and start saving some money right away. It is always a good idea to review your policy for car insurance and check out other rates and coverages. Some states have cheaper rates than others for females and it depends on which state you live in on how much less you will be paying . States like California will cost more because there are millions of more drivers than a state like Montana and it is easy to understand that. However some states have more requirements of how much insurance you carry , this translates to higher rates too. For example the Carolinas have enacted law that requires you to have uninsured motorist insurance because they have conducted a study that showed there are 1 in 6 drivers there that do not have insurance, unfortunately this cause cost to go up, this is not all bad because it is smart to carry uninsured motorist insurance. Most of the insurers realized after a certain point that these studies called for something to be done about helping women get the discounts they deserve because of their driving habits. From then on car insurance companies one after the other acknowledge and take into account when car insurance for women drivers is needed When applying for insurance for women drivers the applicant must decide what insurance coverages will be suitable ,of course there are the usual things like comprehensive , collision, uninsured motorist, and liability but she can decide how much of each will be satisfactory if perhaps anything happens. Additional insurance addendum's may be had if the prospect has only one car and might need a rental car and that rental car needs to be insured also. Trying to save money is the main concern here on the front end, the insurance company need to know if you are the only driver of the car in question so you may get a better rate. Female drivers will be able to get better rates if they take out insurance for women drivers only and most men will argue that men are better drivers but men have more accidents overall. Independent women have the skills that it takes to get the most for their money,insurance is a obstacle they can deal with and the details of the insurance policy can be tricky. The auto insurers have fine print that must be dissected in order understand what they will pay for or not pay for in case a claim is submitted,this is important because nobody wants to feel they have been misled about a policy.