Finding car parts on the internet In today's world of ever more expensive automobiles both domestic and foreign, finding replacement parts that are affordable has become a real challenge. In times gone by many people did repair work themselves on there own cars. Today while backyard mechanics still exist who maintain and service there own vehicles this practice has become much rarer due to the complexity of modern autos. At one time every community had its own auto junk yard. Unfortunately due to our new environmental sensitivities and the general price of real estate, this no longer is the case. For those brave folks who do there own repair work the Internet has become the preferred choice for finding used car parts. Many options exist online to source parts. the large auction sites have a huge selection of cheap used parts for almost any type of auto ranging from classics to your daily ride. In addition specific Internet locals have arisen that specialize in locating hard to find and exotic parts both new and used. These sites are easily found just do an Internet search for "cheap car parts" or "used auto parts" and you will have the choice of many. the savings available online from these sources compared to traditional brick and mortar auto parts stores is often dramatic. Very often through careful Internet shopping the thrifty can save 50 to 75% from the retail price of many parts making the effort quite rewarding. Quite a few of these online sources will actively attempt to find a rare or difficult to obtain part even if they do not instantly have access to it. Many of the remaining auto salvage yards are plugged into these services locating parts throughout the country to supplement there own inventory. As with all online purchases care must be exercised in knowing who one is dealing with and while the larger sites offer reasonable guarantees on there used parts, "buyer be ware" is a safe and sensible mode of operation. When dealing with online auctions for parts one needs to do there homework to make sure they are bidding on the correct part for there application. If you are outsourcing your repair work as most do today, and are hoping to save money by obtaining your own parts one should make sure that your mechanic is agreeable. Most professionals in auto repair today make a considerable profit on the parts they use. By bringing your own parts you remove this profit from the equation possibly making a very unhappy or even unwilling mechanic.