If you are a person who loves to rebuild cars, especially classic and antique, the internet is your ticket to heaven. Nothing can be more frustrating to a car restorer than not being able to find just the right set of metering rods for that Chevy Corvette 1966 big block you just bought at the auto auction. Enter the internet. A simple search for the words "buy car parts" on any search engine will bring up a plethora of sites from which to search for that elusive bit of metal. People from all over the world love cars, and there are plenty of people out there who deal in car parts, used auto parts, decorations and frills for just about any make and model you can name. In fact, many of these online portals actually have physical sites in different places, one might be near you! From the privacy of your home or office you can shop your part and do research to get the best price, all without leaving your desk. Payment portals such as credit cards, and online payment systems mean you can send money overseas or in your home country with a click of your mouse, transferring currency exchange leads to world-wide participation. This is the benefit of e-commerce.