Since the advent of the internet, a new industry has stepped up to the plate in the automotive world. Since the late 1990s spare and replacement car parts have been big business. The new industry is in car parts, and the "find a part now" industry has helped millions of motorists successfully find and purchase top quality car parts, often at a fraction of the retail price charged by main agents, to better and more economically effect repairs for their cars. This includes both foreign and domestic parts, and is happening the world over. Parts can be located within minutes using the most sophisticated real time parts locating search engines on websites that are tied in to a global market. With concerns now about going green and a flagging economy, attention is turned to preserving what they have by consumers. Some sites advertise discounts of up to 80% over retail on "new" parts, and even better deals on working used parts. This is causing a serious ripple in the automotive parts industry, with some new parts manufacturers looking to cut back or close their doors. For going green, today's modern consumer can access sites that actually show the CO2 Emissions of some of the most popular cars on the roads today. In the UK the government is now focusing on reducing harmful CO2 levels by enforcing Road Tax. Consumers can check out sites like this to find out where their car ranks and from there search for kits to help make their car greener. Using the internet to search for andĀ purchase car partsĀ is the way to do business in the modern age. If you have a mobile, or a PC at home, you can do most of your work right from those workstations and have the part shipped either to yourself or to the person who is going to do your repair. Without a doubt, the "find a part" business is now big business, serving millions of customers and saving money. Many of the sites have features where people can also post parts for sale. This is very much a grass-roots industry, involving everyone from the individual to professional car breakers, online scrap yards, and sellers.