Let's face it! Running after cheap auto insurance rates has never been an easy task. Many insurers have already been scrupulous of their qualifications with those who wanted to get cheap auto insurance rates from them. And for some insured's, it has always been a puzzle as to what might be the contributing factors in order to qualify and avail oneself of a cheap auto insurance quote. There are actually a number of factors that can play a part in qualifying for a cheap auto insurance quote. It is just simply practicing these conditions that you are assured of an offer for cheap auto insurance quotes. The make or brand of your car is one of them. If it will take too much to repair your car, then expect for a high premium of it. Another one is your car usage. Do you commute to work using your car or is it just for recreation with your peers? The longer is your car usage the higher is your insurance rate. Your age also matters. If you're a teen driver, you are normally charged with high rates but this eventually decreases as your age increases. Drivers who are still students can possibly avail cheap rates when their grades are satisfactory. Insurers believe that students can be trustworthy at roads when they perform well in school. The location of the driver is also being assessed in terms of safety and security. When theft and robbery is rampant, then insurers have to raise your premium. Your driving record is also being tracked down. If you have not involved yourself to any serious traffic accident, violations and citations then you will be enjoying cheap insurance rates. A deductible is the amount of money you are required to pay yourself before your insurance coverage starts so if you raise your deductible, it will significantly lower your auto insurance rate in time. Finally, getting into driving education is an added point to qualify for that cheap car insurance quote. This guarantees insurers of your safety driving thereby minimizing costs on your coverage.