Classic cars are defined in several different ways, and all the definitions are essentially correct. Most typically, the term describes vehicles built from World War II to the end of the Muscle Car era in the 1970s, when Detroit retrofitted all their lines in order to produce subcompacts. However, some cars fall under the definition of being "over ten years old" and because of the car, are just classed as being collectible by popular acclaim. In the car world, antique is a term used for cars fifty years and older -- and generally is a separate class than "classic". If you are searching online for classic car parts, either to buy, sell or obtain parts, keep these distinctions in mind as you form your search criteria. What are some examples of truly classic cars? At the top of most UK lists is the Jaguar, E Type, manufactured from 1961 to 1974. This, without a doubt, is probably the most well-known British sports car ever. Some 70,000 of these cars were produced over a 14 year period. Jealous competitors the world over classed this car as both high maintenance and an oil-leaker, but everyone wanted to own one. Another great classic was the Aston Martin DB5, made from 1963 to 1965. This was the car James Bond used in Goldfinger -- paralleling both the car and Sean Connery to new heights. Aston Martin made some incredible other models as well, but you never hear about them! Want another definition of classic? Think small. Here we have the BMC Mini, and the old style Volkswagen Beetle, both cult classics that enjoyed long production runs and huge sales, setting new trends for car makers the world over. Restoring a VW Beetle was many the occupation of young yuppies during the 1970s and 1980s, and was considered a status symbol. Certainly other makes and models fall into the most famous classic cars of all time, whether Corvette, Dodge Hemi, or Mustang, you have a choice these days when doing an online search to buy. Quite a few are still out there for sale, in varying conditions, and if you're looking for hard asset investment (and something to work on) this might be your ticket to ride.