If you have a vehicle that you use for business purposes then you need commercial vehicle insurance. Commercial vehicle insurance is specifically designed for vehicles that are solely use for business purposes. This gives protection on the damages your car might incur, on goods, and even to damage to another party's property you may have caused. There are several reasons why cheap commercial vehicle insurance differs and here are these reasons: 1. The law in your area where the business is located. 2. The purpose of the vehicle. Is it going to be used for transporting workers? Is it going to be used to move dangerous materials? 3. Are there safety devices installed? Installing these kinds of device can help you more in getting better car insurance rates. 4. The place where you will park your car. It would help you if you can get a safe place as a parking place for your commercial vehicle. Car insurance companies take this into consideration when giving low cost commercial car insurance rates. 5. Your vehicle insurance claims before. How many times have you filed for vehicle insurance claims? The more claims you've made, the more expensive your premiums may be. 6. How much vehicle insurance policy would you like to get? If you'll go for higher coverage limits then as expected you will be charged more on your car insurance premiums. You may wan to consider going for more deductibles to lower your car insurance cost. Before you purchase your commercial vehicle insurance quotes remember that getting the right commercial vehicle insurance should start from getting it from a respected car insurance company. As a business owner yourself, I am sure that you only want to deal with persons you can trust. Do some research about car insurance providers. Make sure that every penny that you spend on your car insurance is worth it.