Prepare yourself for a difficult challenge if your car insurance is dropped after your DUI. The main reason is that you will now be classified as a high risk driver. When you are put into the high risk driver category, you can expect a large increase in your car insurance rates. Your coverage might even be dropped. Know that there will be some trying times ahead of you after you have gotten a DUI. One of the reasons is that your insurance company will now classify you as a high risk driver. This alone can result in premium increases that can range from an additional 50% of what you are paying to the company dropping your coverage. Since you are classified as a high risk driver, you can't just go out and find car insurance easily. The reason is because all car insurance companies have access to your driving records. When they see, once you are convicted, that you have a DUI conviction, they will either decline to insure you or raise your rates. When you are shopping around for cheap DUI car insurance, you will be talking to numerous agents. You will want to be honest with them about your record because they can, and will find out the truth about your DUI history. Don't take their decision personally as each company has strict guidelines that they follow about who they will insure. If you are not honest about your DUI, the company will find it on your records check. This could lead to them dropping you if you have already been given coverage. Or, if they don't drop you, expect a large rate increase to reflect the discovery of your record. Anyway that you look at it, if you have a DUI on your record, finding the best car insurance after your DUI is going to take some time if you are dropped or your rates are increased. Finding the cheapest car insurance coverage after your conviction is possible, but don't expect for it to be cheap.