If you are behind the wheel, knowing the various techniques of defensive driving is perhaps the most important lesson that can save your life. Defensive driving is a skill that helps drivers to foresee and avoid dangerous situations on the road. You can reduce the risks in driving if you are well armed with defensive driving. Most people believe that they know how to drive safely on the road. They may be right but many times even the most careful driver can either get into an accident or violate the traffic rules. The defensive driving techniques can help drivers to perform beyond their level of driving. With the defensive driving skills, drivers can acquire new skills and controls dangerous situations. Basic driving skill may help you to master the vehicle but defensive driving helps you to master driving safely.  You can control your driving but when it comes to other drivers, you have less power or control. The main purpose of defensive driving is to make sure the risk level on the road is minimized. This is not just for the drivers but for others as well. The road is shared by all kinds of drivers. You may be careful enough but there are inexperienced drivers, bad drivers, aggressive drivers and irresponsible drivers who share the road with you. Defensive driving will make sure your driving does not harm others but also anticipate the danger that other drivers might do. How do defensive driving techniques help you? •   Defensive driving courses or techniques help to prepare a driver for any danger that lies ahead. You must check the condition of your car before riding the road. Apart from that, you also need to make sure all documentations are ready in your car. •    Bright colored cars are more unlikely to get into crashes. •    It tells you the danger that can arise due to drunk driving, distraction, speeding, tailgating and road rages to name a few. •     If you are driving in hazardous situations like in snow, rainy days or in curvy roads, your defensive driving techniques will help you through. •    Never fall a victim of rage. Rage driving often leads to accidents, fatal in most cases. These are only a few golden rules that defensive driving courses teach you about. Many state laws have emphasis the importance of defensive driving. There are many defensive driving courses, which have been approved by authorities in different states to teach people about defensive driving. There are also many online traffic schools, specializing in teaching defensive driving techniques.