Think about this - you no longer need to worry about buying cumbersome maps or stopping for directions. The GPS system helps you keep on the right road all the way to your destination. You also will not have to worry about being part of the nightly news as a focus of a search in the wilderness. With a GPS system you can keep your bearings if you are ever lost while on a camping trip. Fishermen now use GPS to keep track of underwater topography and avoid shallow water or rocky outcroppings that are hidden below the surface. Most important of all, children are kept safer now that parents have the means to track their whereabouts. The GPS system is really a fantastic device that can be used for a wide variety of reasons. Stopping for directions is a thing of the past now. The GPS system will also help you keep your bearings if you are out in the wilderness on a hiking or camping expedition. Marine GPS systems are also used to navigate waterways and identify areas where fish might be gathering. And last but not least, GPS can be incorporated as a way of protecting your child. If you are a boater or fisherman and want to keep from damaging your boat in shallow water, then you have already bought a marine GPS device. These GPS systems link up to the GPS satellite in orbit to display the topography that is under the water's surface. The benefit here is the ability to show the best route to avoid underwater obstacles and water too shallow for the boat's draft. Fishermen also like to use these GPS devices to find out where fish are gathering. Marine GPS navigation is used by boaters who want to avoid running their boats aground. The GPS system can alert them to shallow water or other obstructions that are programmed into the satellites data bank. Additionally, fishermen have used them to display areas where fish are schooling, thus making it easier to bring in a good haul. If you have been shopping online for GPS you will already know that there are tons of different models and manufacturers out there. The market leader in GPS devices is Garmin. There are other big GPS companies such as Magellan and Tom Tom but Garmin is the one that is most recognizable. The number of different devices these manufacturers have brought to market is considerable. The best place to find them all and compare is to go online and see. There are a number of different manufacturers who offer their own unique version of GPS navigation. The leader in the GPS devices market is Garmin followed by Magellan, TomTom and the rest. The market is growing and new devices are released all the time. Check them out online to see the types of devices that will make your life a lot easier and your family alot safer.