Road accidents are pretty usual in approximately all parts of the world. They can only be averted by driving safe. Although there are many reasons of an accident but most of the time it is our fault which causes an accident. Over speeding is one of the main causes of car accidents. Likewise, when you are driving on a greasy or mountainous area, you should be extra cautious. You have to take preventive actions to stay safe and sound. Firstly, your car must be in a good condition. A car with bald tyres, inexact wheel balance, engine heat problems etc. can root several problems for you on the road. When you drive safe you are not only saving yourself but also others on the road. We so regularly notice car accidents on our way to workplace or returning home and know that it puts people in a lot of nuisance when they have to go for personal injury claim. Personal injury claims can only be liable when it is not your mistake. As a result, when you drive watchfully there is no prospect that you will be at error and accordingly if any accidents takes place, you are in a good position to make your injuries claim. Life is so blessed and we all must take care of it; examine the following tips to drive safe and avoid having a claim for personal injury recompense. Select right or centre lane while driving because it gives you alternative to change the lane rapidly. The majority of the accidents happen in left lane so keep away from it. When you are in fast lane you are with no trouble obvious to highway patrol. An additional safety measure is to scan the area in front. A car in front of you might put an abrupt break and there are odds of rear-ending hence if you are well aware of the region ahead you have more time to respond and anticipate any nuisance. Never rely totally on the side and rearview mirrors; you must vigilantly look into the lanes next to you. It covers any blind spots for other drivers. People are very lazy about their posture and position while driving. It is always advisable to have your seat close to steering wheel to better control the car. In this position your arms are outstretched and don't get tired. In addition, this posture gives rest to your back. Always judge a driver by his car condition. Inattentive drivers don't take care of their vehicles, you can clearly see dirt and damage marks on them. Similarly, drunken and cell phone-preoccupied drivers can be easily noticed when you see them changing and drifting in the lanes. Many people avoid driving at night and rightly so as the chances of accidents at night are pretty high. It is obvious after the day's work that you are tired and your vision also becomes weak. At midnight you might find drunken people, joyriding teens, people coming back from bars and parties; it is always sensible to avoid driving at night but if can't be avoided, drive slowly and never break rules.