Machines are developed by human beings and act pretty much like humans. We as human beings become tired/ sick because of many reasons. Environmental factors contribute a lot in making us sick. Similarly, machines like cars also become sick if the roads are rough and untreated. In other words, car gets deteriorated if it runs on untreated roads. Plane and level roads increase the life of cars. The drivers also have good time while driving on an even road; the driving becomes cheerful and tireless. While driving on an untreated road, the driver usually fall a prey of road rage. There are some regions in the world where the roads condition are superb, the rest of the countries contain untreated uneven roads. According to the statistics, you can clearly notice that most mishaps happen on untreated roads. Here, you must remember the following guidelines to protect yourself from any accident while driving on untreated roads. First, always check your car and it should have good condition. A Bald tyre is usually the reason of accidents. On an untreated road you may come across stones, pebbles, slides, jumps, and deep grounds where these tyres might skid or burst. Because of a lot of filth and mud found on unattended road, the driving turns even trickier. The circumstances turn even bad if it followed by rainy conditions. The tyres slip on mud and it becomes very easy to drop control. The most essential thing in such accidents is to drive slowly. Mainly mishaps happen on uneven roads because of over speeding. The car needs time to halt if it is running at high speed. Also, remember not to drive too slowly because you might be hit by the others who are driving with great speed. Keep a steady speed and don't try to pass the other car. Watch carefully the speed boards on the roadside, and stay between the lawful boundaries. Lots of people don't take this in to account and very easily acquire the ticket from the police. There will be lot of dust around on such roads so you will have reduced vision. It becomes even worse when you get two-side traffic on an unattended road. You never know while overtaking if there is some vehicle very close to you. Driving on untreated roads is just like driving in foggy conditions. Because of blurry vision, it is safe to turn on the headlights of the car. This will help other drivers to know the exact position of your car. Maintain enough distance from the car ahead, so if you need to apply breaks you don't crash. The recommended distance is five cars lengths away from the car in front of you. Various accidents happen when vehicles are stalk the vehicle facing them. It is truly worrying as people believe that if they stalk the vehicle in front, they can use it to get a direction. As a result of so thick dirt around, the car in front of you may not spot the car in front so if this car has to use the brakes all at once, then the probability of rear ending become very high.