A new study has revealed that millions of drivers are risking invalidating their car insurance policy simply because they cannot see properly. According to research by the College of Optometrists, 20% of UK motorists aged between 35 and 55 have driven knowing that they have poor eyesight. In the event of an accident in which defective eyesight is found to be a contributory factor, a car insurance company could well argue that the driver was negligent and refuse to pay out. But the poll found that 28% of those surveyed admitted putting off going for a sight test for up to six months after noticing their eyesight had deteriorated, with 21% putting it off for up to five years. The reason given by almost half (43%) of respondents for not seeking optical advice was that wearing glasses would make them feel older. Meanwhile, a quarter claimed it was because they "couldn't be bothered" and 18% said they were put off by the cost of glasses and contact lenses.