Do you need guidance with your DWI insurance? If you have been convicted of driving under the influence and your car insurance provider has canceled your coverage you really need to get help, and get it soon People screw up, but auto insurance companies are not in the business of helping people overcome their obstacles and get back on their feet. Drunk driving insurance in hard to get don't get my wrong, but it is not totally impossible. It seems that the media, and the police in general are trying to make a statement to the public that drunk driving has serious financial consequences. This all comes at a time when Driving Under the Influence or (DUI / DWI) arrests and alcohol related convictions are reported to increase dramatically this is due in part to recent large scale job lay offs, business closures, investment scares, and the overall dismal U.S & global economic mood, as studies from as far back as 2002 have shown. Finding a suitable insurance company or attorney to file an SR-22 certificate for them poses an even bigger challenge, as not all insurance companies in every state requiring an SR-22 are allowed to do so. Just a small amount of insurance companies and Internet websites provide individuals the ability to search and compare DUI accepted car insurance rates within their respective cities or states that can help them file an SR-22 form. It also allows them to search for low cost auto insurance rates, and be able to compare rates from many different companies conveniently and in real time. SR22 basically is a form or certificate that is authorized by an insurance carrier on behalf of a driver or car owner seeking auto insurance coverage. This certificate is then sent to the states DMV and gives proof of that driver's financial capability. This form basically says that the car insurance carrier will pay anyone that may be injured as well as properties they may damage in case of an car accident. This is a very effective method for the state to monitor drivers with histories of unsatisfactory driving habits and violations. Drunk driving is still one of the nations most complex problems. It is also one of the main reasons for filing an SR-22. Punishments and fines for this kind of violation remains severe, especially for repeat offenders. Most states also require an SR-22 auto insurance coverage to be maintained for two or three years, some even require individuals to continue maintaining their status even after moving to another state. I encourage anyone required to carry this special form of car insurance to start comparing rates today and don't take no for an answer.