Published on : 06 September 20192 min reading time

About a year ago I purchased an Edge EZ for my 2005 Dodge Cummins. I have absolutely loved the performance gains and don’t have a single complaint. However the best thing about it has been the fuel mileage increase. When I got the truck it was getting about 18 MPG HWY, now with the EZ on it I get at least 20 sometimes 21 MPG. Recently I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to dyno my truck for free so I jumped on it. Now I’ve never been one to want huge performance out of my truck, just simply better fuel mileage and engine longevity. So the Edge EZ is my only modification, might look at doing an air intake later down the line but that’s another topic. I started off with a stock run and had 283.5 HP with 525.7 ft/lb. I wasn’t overly impressed with this but like I said mainly looking for mileage and longevity. After the truck cooled down a little we went for round two this time with the Edge EZ turned on at the 65 HP setting. The second run showed 350.4 HP with 640.9 ft/lb torque.

I found those numbers to be somewhat impressive. I’ll save you the trouble of doing the math. That was 66.9 HP gains and 115.2 torque gain. The dyno operator seemed to be extremely impressed with this because apparently most performance modifications have about a 20% reduction at the rear wheel from what the manufacturer actually claims. The EZ actually did better than what they claimed on horsepower but was under on the torque a little. I wasn’t too disappointed with the under achieved torque because every other claim that Edge made has been one hundred percent accurate. This module has given me great take off response, it definitely gets better MPGs, and it shifts better now than it ever did. I doubt I will ever upgrade to a more powerful module but if I do I’m going to stick with Edge because they tell you exactly what the product is going to do for you and don’t try to sugar coat it.