A lot of famous people love Bentleys. They bring so much elegance and class that it's hard to pass them up - at least, for those who can easily afford them. To most people, these cars are out of the price range. However, there are a lot of famous people who either own or have owned a Bentley in the past. Some famous Bentley owners include: • Paris Hilton - celebrity • Kobe Bryant - basketball star • Fabolous - gangsta rapper • The Game - rapper who donated his Bentley to auction to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims • Xzibit - rapper • Jay-Z - rapper • Ludacris - rapper • Shaquille O'Neal - basketball star • The Queen of England Fictitious people have owned Bentley's, too, with the most notable of them being Ian Fleming's character, James Bond. In the movies he mostly drives Aston Martins, but in the books the Bentley was his car of choice. There are many reasons for owning a Bentley, but the prestige factor seems to be the largest of them for the majority of people. Even in the UK they are not that common, and they generally cost in the hundreds of thousands to purchase, which leaves most people to wistfully watch them go by, rather than to drive one. For those who do own them, they are often customized. The look of the car both inside and out can be modified so that the owner gets what he or she wants. A Superman hood ornament? Sure. No problem. Black chrome? It hadn't been invented yet, but Bentley came up with something that the customer was happy about. The Queen even wanted her Bentley to have part of the roof connected to the doors so that she would be able to stand up before she exited the car. That's the kind of thing that money can buy, and that's why Bentley is such a popular choice among the elite. The company caters to what a person wants, no matter what that might be. There aren't too many companies that do that, and when a person finds one that does, he or she tends to want to hang on to it. Most people who own Bentleys continue to do so, rather than get rid of them for something that's less expensive. With the quality, class, and commitment to customer service that Bentley provides, it's easy to see why this would be the case.