In general, insurers often treat women with lower car insurance rates than men. The reason behind this is that men, according to statistics, are generally held responsible for the major traffic incidents due to reckless driving. However, even if women are generally given lower car insurance premiums, they are still after the cheapest female car insurance deal available to them. There are still quite a few important factors for women to consider insuring themselves with cheaper car insurance deals. Among them are as follows: Shop around for quotes Purchase a low type group of car Maximize discounts Female driver insurance can vary greatly up to a thousand dollars among insurance companies for the same type of policy. If you want to go for the cheapest female car insurance deal, it is recommended to first shop around for multiple quotes and look for the best auto insurance company that can offer the best female car insurance deal. The quickest and easiest way to shop for multiple quotes is to go online and visit an insurance comparison website. A comparison website can provide you with multiple car insurance quotes from top rated car insurance companies. You only be required to fill up a simple form asking some basic personal information from you. In an instant you will be able to get multiple quotes from top insurers. Everyone, regardless of the gender, wants to drive a fancy car. However, insuring fancy cars are not beneficial to insurance companies. Fancy cars are usually charged with expensive premium rates since it puts insurers at higher risk when it is damaged or stolen. Instead, choose a lower group car that won't put your car at risk of being stolen. These types of cars are also fuel-efficient thus you will be able to save more money aside from enjoying lower insurance premiums for driving a lower group car. Capitalize on other insurance discounts by insuring all your cars under one insurance company. Other than your cars, insure also your home and health insurance needs at the same insurance company with your car. In this way, you will be able to enjoy substantial discounts and save more money.