It is not very hard to find a cheap crete car rental mainly because there are so many local rental companies in the city that there are far too many options for you to miss. There are actually quite a few international rental companies as well who have put up shop at Crete because of the immense popularity that Greece as a whole as well as Crete especially has been garnering up in terms of tourism. However, these international rental companies would of course charge you much more than the smaller local businesses which keep their rates very low for their own benefits of attracting tourists. These are actually not that hard to spot; if you know people who have already visited Crete then you could conjure up details and information from them regarding the local crete car rental scene and it is always best to go by somebody's reference as it is easiest to trust that way. However you will find that the internet is filled with information and contact details for these local small rental companies as well. So you can simply check their websites if they have one or get on touch with them over the phone or email them so that you will be prepared to deal with all your transportation requirements when you land in Crete. However, you need not worry about your car hire crete at all as far as finding them in Crete is concerned. Although the best idea always is to go by someone's recommendation before you hire for yourself a car from one of the local cheaper rental companies, but most of these companies in Crete have a good reputation of service to their tourists. You can be rest assured that the cars that they will provide you with is well maintained while many of these companies actually send great new cars as these are relatively new companies at the moment. So you do not have to worry about constant car trouble just because you have rented the car for cheap. Not only this, but these businesses in Crete maintain an all day and night car service so that if you have trouble on the road with your car at any time you can always get in touch with them and they will send help over. So just because you are going to pay a greatly cheaper price for your crete car rental by hiring from one of these local small companies rather than the more expensive international ones you are actually not losing out on anything. It is in fact better to hire a rougher and tougher car from a cheap rental and pay less for a car that would be able to travel through the rough terrain of the island rather than hiring a more expensive fancy car from an international rental company for a bigger price.