There are so many people; men, women, and teens who are really getting into to off roading. Now that this is the case, the need for parts and accessories has become greater. Going directly to Kawasaki is certainly an option, but there are many reputable companies who now sell aftermarket accessories and Kawasaki Teryx accessories at excellent prices. The powerful 750 V-twin engine in the Kawasaki Teryx has definitely drawn attention from different aftermarket companies that produce performance exhausts and CDI's. Not only that but wheels and tires will be very popular as well since they are on any ATV or side-by-side vehicle. Take the Copperhead VDI capacitive discharge ignition box. This VDI can accept different pigtail wiring harnesses to work on a variety of different machines when properly programmed with the appropriate firmware. Programmable with a variety of different ignition timing curves, the Kawasaki Teryx VDI can be custom programmed to match the specific modifications of your machine. Dynatek sells a performance CDI to help release more power and performance from the Teryx. There are other CDI's that are available as well. There are other companies that make CDI's but Dynatek seems to be the best bang for your buck. Onto intake modification kits. One type of intake that has been popular on other side by sides like the Yamaha Rhino has been the hardstyle filter adapter that mounts inside the stock airbox. What this does is it allows an air filter to clamp on securely. Also, it is possible to run these filters with the airbox lid off for additional airflow. Some of these kits come with a foam filter element. For very dusty conditions, an oil foam filter element is your best bet. Of course, one of the most popular of Teryx accessories are exhausts. A variety of well-known companies produce performance exhausts for the Teryx. You can go with a less expensive single slip on mufflers as well as true dual exhausts for the V-Twin, which should improve the sound and also the performance. Here s a tip; if you're not interested in spending the cash for an entire new exhaust system, then you may want to do what others have done, which was simply removed the exhaust tip on the stock muffler. This has actually been tested and confirmed! The results? By removing the stock exhaust tip (remove 3 bolts), power jumped up from 3 - 7 HP at the rear wheels. Since the explosion of popularity of this new machine, there is sure to be plenty of Kawasaki Teryx accessories to choose from!