At the risk of reinforcing old school stereotypes, when it comes to cars girls do tend to be a little more interested in colour, interior and accessories, than engine, emissions and handling - with that in mind here's our specially designed Audi guide for girls, with information on model preferences to suit mood, colour scheme and style.

Soft furnishings - Detroit showcase Audi e-tron

Women excel in the subject of soft furnishings; we love curtains, we love scatter cushions and we love rugs, but we also love style and expect this to extend to our cars. 2010 saw the launch of the Detroit showcase Audi e-tron car - which offers the epitome of sleek interior sophistication, all clean leather lines with a flush gear shift that emerges from the tunnel when the vehicle is started.

Vintage Chic - Audi Quattro Spyder

Proof that true style is timeless; the Quattro Spyder still looks current ten years after its release. Launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1991, the flat sports coupé Quattro Spyder created quite a stir on the auto scene, but despite massive consumer interest only two prototypes were constructed - which means it'll be a bit hard to compare car insurance should you ever manage to get your hands on one.

Kid friendly - Q5 and Q8

If there's two of you in a relationship, women are generally lumbered with the ‘family' / ‘sensible' car when you have kids, with the man opting for a cool car or ‘almost sports' car in a bid to retain his sense of freedom and adventure. Fear not ladies, the Audio Q5 and Q8 offer all the space and strength to contain and withstand the battery of small children, without the loss of the leather sports interior, air-con and ten-speaker stereo system.

Cutting edge - R8 TDI Le Mans Concept

It's a very basic, yet hotly denied, fact that we all judge on first looks - meaning you've got to make a good impression immediately or suffer at the hands of consequence forever more. As a woman I want my car to stand out not just because it's bright pink, but also because it's god damn handsome - and how much more handsome can you get than the R8 TDI Le Mans Concept which is described as having ‘muscular proportions, accentuated wheel arches and even larger air apertures'…?

Complete coordination - all models

I don't want a sales man to tell me that a car only comes in one colour - if you're buying an Audi straight from the factory you can pretty much have whatever colour you want, for a few extra pounds of course. Which means if you really want a pink car - you can, and if you always dreamed of a chrome clad sports model, dream no more.