The Chevy Cobalt SS has been hailed as the best in Chevrolet's Cobalt series of cars. Though it has its limitations, the inexpensive price tag that the car comes with makes it a good choice for people who wish to own a simple sports car. Being an improved version of the existing Chevy Cobalt cars, it takes some additional features up to another level. But the most noticeable difference is the fact that it had three different engines of the inline-4 Ecotec type. It is the GM Delta platform that this car's engine is built on. In 2004, the year the engine of the Chevy Cobalt SS was revealed, it had a 2.0 L engine that had 205 horsepower. From this point on, the car only improved as time passed by. A model having the choice of manual and automatic transmission was revealed in 2006 and had an improved 2.4 L engine. Besides that, the power went up to 260 horsepower. Since then, the engine is categorized as a turbocharger engine. It kept growing as noticed in the 2008 and 2009 editions of the car. Before the Chevy Cobalt SS arrived, the Chevrolet Cavalier was not getting good reviews at all. Built on the old fashioned J platform, it put Chevrolet to shame. But the arrival of the Chevy Cobalt SS made all the shame go away. The positive reviews that the Chevy Cobalt SS gathered was enough to make everyone forget about the Cavalier. The Chevy Cobalt SS was far more superior, performance-wise. The power-train of the Chevy Cobalt SS, which was largely in the turbocharged engines, showed the difference with the Cavalier. Reclaiming its image with the new Chevy Cobalt SS, Chevrolet got rid of the bad reputation and again made name for itself. The Chevy Cobalt SS has a body style of a 2-door coupe or a 4-door sedan. Therefore, it is placed in the small car category and the sports compact class. It has three different versions according to the transmission that is used in it. These versions are a 5 speed transmission with Saab F35 (manual), a 5 speed transmission with Getrag F23 (manual) and a 4 speed transmission with 4T45 (automatic). Thus, two of its versions have a manual transmission and one version has an automatic transmission. The three main models of the Chevy Cobalt SS were a 2.4 L engine version, the improved 2.4 L LE5 engine version and the 2.0 L LNF turbocharged engine version. The 2.4 L engine version was the first available and only as a supercharged coupe. After that, the 2.4 L LE5 engine version only improved the engine, but the 2.0 L LNF turbocharged engine was both available as a coup and a sedan. It's good for the consumer to know that the Chevy Cobalt SS is a lower priced vehicle. Its engine will last for a good while. Consumers appoint it as an eligible choice, not minding the small repairs and replacements of its peripheral features.