If you are having a hard time finding cheap auto insurance because you got too many traffic offenses, or had too many accidents in the past, is a driver whose age is more than 70 years old or below 20 years old, had been cited for DUI or DWI, or has license that is suspended or revoked, then you may be considered as a high risk driver. And believe me, being a high risk driver means one thing - higher car insurance rates. To help you find affordable high risk auto insurance quote, the number one rule would be to check the resources online and shop for vehicle insurance quotes. The Internet is the best avenue where you get car insurance online quotes. As much as possible, get numerous high risk auto insurance quote so as to augment your possibility of getting the cheapest car insurance rate that you can find. In addition, make sure that whenever you drive, you always practice safe driving. The best way to get lower vehicle insurance premiums is to have a very good driving record. You may have a horrible driving history and that's the reason why you are considered as a high risk driver but your best weapon to lower your car insurance cost in the future is to have a clean driving record. So what should you do next? Do some cleaning on your driving record. This may take sometime and cannot be attained overnight. You may also take defensive driving school courses to improve your driving skills. Also enrolling in such course can also give you additional knowledge about traffic rules and regulations. To finish, it would help you lower your high risk auto insurance premiums if you could avoid insuring smaller cars since these kinds of vehicle usually ask for higher car insurance rates.