A popular car hire company is urging UK holidaymakers to consider hiring a vehicle for the summer months, and to get in there fast due to high projected demand. The news comes as thousands of UK tourists plan to stay in the country due to the weak pound compared to the euro and the dollar - and whilst many try to cut back on holiday spend in other areas also. So why are people likely to spend money on a hire car if they are staying at home? The argument put forward by Catriona Lougher of Europcar (at uknetguide.co.uk) stems from the notion that while many are cutting back on where they are travelling to this summer, a number of UK tourists are also likely to have already tried to save money on maintaining their vehicles - and may have downsized to a smaller car that might not be so suited to long distances. Lougher states: "This means that when it comes to that UK holiday, hiring a bigger, safer car for the trip makes enormous sense as does using a company that will deliver the car to your home address for free. With this in mind, we've put together some top tips on how to get the best out of car hire in the UK this summer." Of course, whilst savings are likely to be made by those who have recently downgraded vehicles, there will be costs other than the hire to consider. Customers will have to anticipate how much they will want to spend on car insurance (i.e. if numerous drivers need to be accommodated for), as well as optional extras such as satellite navigation systems and child seats. However, for those who were anxious about how feasible a lengthy trip away would be in their freshly-bought ‘scrappage scheme' run-around, hiring a vehicle seems like a logical answer. For those who are considering this option, searching for a hire deal sooner rather than later is advised in order to find the cheapest deals and to benefit from the most choice - whilst it also pays to be completely sure of your needs, such as vehicle size and how far you plan to travel before you do your research.