Auto service shops have always been a place at which people who know what is wrong with your car charge your week's pay for a turn of a screwdriver on the right place. It was a place that made children amazed and grown men afraid of hearing a squeak when driving their cars out of warranty. Yes, overpaid servicing with a license to charge whatever for the parts is why the car servicers become car servicers. But, communication technologies are creating many opportunities for you to be free from those muggers by providing you with an easy way to find the knowledge you need free, and the car parts you need at the cheapest price there is. There are many forums which specialize in only one make or even model of cars, and discuss the problems which occur with them and the best ways of solving them. People even post their video guides on how to fix problems on youtube, and answer your questions, free of charge of course. You can fix all of the minor problems yourself, even those you thought required a new part. And for those that do require replacing a part, you can find cheap car parts online. There are websites which are dedicated to advertising used car parts, and you can even check and see if the individual seller has gotten a bad review from a buyer stating bad quality or excess wear on the part. You should avoid incredibly cheap offers and sellers who have bad reviews, and know exactly which part you need before buying one. If you could not find any similar cases to yours, you can write a new topic on one of the forums, and one of the enthusiasts will step up to the challenge of finding out what the problem with your car is, for the fun and honour of it. You should at least thank them.