Having the freedom to go where you want is great. Having a car to get you there is even better; thus, solidifying our love for our wheels. That being said, a car can be an expensive acquisition. From the first dealer "fees" to the monthly maintenance or car note, when a car is involved, you can expect to shell out plenty of money. But, it doesn't have to be that way! Believe or not, you could actually save money from the moment that you buy your car to the amount that you pay for its monthly upkeep. Here's how... Go in for the Dealer Specials - At different times during the year, the old adage "out with the old, in with the new" becomes a reality at most car dealerships. When this happens, people can buy for cheap that fantastic vehicle that they have had their eye on all year. In addition to deals on older model "new" vehicles, there are also tons of newly "off-lease" vehicles that can be bought at lower prices because they have been used. Considering the opportunity for saving, cost-conscious car shoppers should try to work out the best deal possible when they go to a dealership. Don't leave out the option of using your current vehicle as a trade-in, which could take even more money off of the sticker price! Look for a FREE car! This might sound far-fetched, but it's not. FREE cars are available everything through a number of different online and social service resources. For families or individuals in need, there are plenty of organizations that give out cars that are usually 4-7 years old. Another way to get a free ride is to look on sites such as Craigslist.org or FREECYCLE. These sites often have ads posted by people that no longer want, need, or plan to maintain their vehicles, so they give them away. One man's trash is another's hot rod! Save On Maintenance - Most local newspapers and circulars offer coupons for saving on car maintenance services. Buy for cheap everything from oil changes to tires by using these coupons and watching out for in-store specials. Use a program like AAA. You can't beat the great deals that you get by just having a AAA membership. At less than $40 for a year's services and privileges, you can save on everything from car maintenance to emergency roadside assistance. Imagine the cost to get your car towed by an outside agency and compare it to the cost of a local towing with AAA. It's impossible because with AAA, local towing of less than 30 miles is FREE for members! Stay informed of sales, discounts, and special car maintenance programs in your area and you will be one of the lucky ones that can actually own a car and still save.