If you're looking for a cheap used car to purchase there's no better time to buy than the present. Because of the recent economy many folks are selling their old cars and some are even being repossessed because people are unable to keep up with the monthly payments. You can use this to your advantage to pay cash for a car that you might not otherwise be able to afford. Car auctions can be a good place to find cheap used cars for sale but you really have to know what you're doing. Luck can sometimes play a large part in what you may end up with so be sure to keep that in mind. It's usually a good idea to study up on car auctions and attend a few in person before you go with the intention to buy. That way you can figure out how the whole process works before getting in over your head. Having a friend that is knowledgeable about cars will be a lot of help while you're looking for used cars, especially if you decide to attend an auction. They can help you look at some of the cars and determine if any major work or repairs needs to be done. At most public auctions you won't be able to drive the car so making a thorough inspection before deciding to buy is critical. Be sure to set a budget and stick with it no matter what temptation you might find yourself up against. When purchasing a used car you might have to take minor repairs into consideration such as new tires and brakes. You'll also want to know exactly what type of car you want to buy otherwise you might quickly become overwhelmed by all the choices. Be sure to look for a vehicle that's going to be practical. You certainly don't want to purchase a small hatchback if you have large family or a small sedan if you need to haul large items around for your job. If you plan on keeping this vehicle for at least a few years it should serve your everyday needs. Even though you might find a car for dirt cheap it still might not be the right car for you. By doing a little extra work you could save a lot of money by purchasing your next vehicle from an auction. However, at the same time you might be putting yourself at risk for buying a complete lemon with no warranty or guarantee to back it up. Car dealers may purchase their cars from auctions and re-sell them but many times they have to put some money into the vehicle. Be sure you're willing to make that investment before you make your first bid.