Taking care of the performance and protection of your car is crucial to ensure it works accurately and lasts longer. Majority of the people do not give much consideration to the preservation of their vehicle. They do not check air filter, brakes, or tyre condition. In point of fact, inspecting the tyre pressure is one of the most left out features of car maintenance. People in general believe that there is no problem with the tyres. They carry on using their car unless the tyre goes flat eventually! What one needs to know is that investigating type pressure does not only give added life to your tyres, but also makes the gas mileage better. It also gives additional life to the brakes and suspension system. Checking tyre pressure is also vital from security viewpoint. According to experts, you ought to see our tyre pressures on periodically. Likewise, you should not forget to confirm your tyre pressure, mainly when you have to set out for long drives. To check the tyre pressure well, you require a tyre pressure gauge. Just judging the pressure with the help of your hands will not be good enough. Many people suppose in case the tyre is not flat, there cannot be a predicament with the pressure of the wheels. You may not note, but it can be more or under inflate. You can take some guidance on that from your car manual and know the advised tyre pressure appropriate for your car. Besides checking the four tyres of your car, also see the pressure of the spare one. Many people neglect checking the wellbeing of the extra tyre. They do not check it even in years, and comprehend it is not well when they need to utilize it some dreadful day! While you exercise a tyre pressure gauge, you can make out how much pressure it has using of the meter. Some of the exceedingly advanced and high-priced pressure gauges are digital. They are as effortless to use as the regular ones. In case you realize your tyre is under inflated, you can employ air pumps which are accessible at every pump. After filling your tyre again, check once more to make sure the pressure is right. Do not forget to put the caps back once you are done. If the pressure in the tyres is too much, allow some air to be released with the help of a key or a screwdriver. You can put these into the release valve and let some air leave. Too much pressure in the tyres also shortens their life. It can also prove to be a threat to your safety. In addition to checking the pressure of the tyres, you also need to consider the condition of the tyres. Since it is the tyres of the car which hold the car on the road, bubbles or cracks on them may prove to be a threat to your safety. Check the condition of all the tyres every now and then. Put your palm on them, and see if they are round or have some problems.