The Toyota Corolla is one of the world's most popular cars and has been since its introduction in 1966. Whether you're looking for something new or used, you can often find a very good deal on a Toyota Corolla. Step 1 - Newspaper Your local paper is an ideal place to find good deals on a Toyota Corolla; it doesn't matter whether you want a new one or one that's seen many miles. There will be plenty in the classified ads of different ages and prices. Be aware that you'll need to inspect the vehicles carefully before choosing one and to see a service history, if one is available. For new vehicles, look at the ads from car dealers. There will be plenty of them every day, but most notably on Sunday. Not only will you be able to see what used cars are on offer, a Toyota dealer might well have specials on a Corolla. It could be from the previous model year or it could be a car that's been driven by a salesman. Step 2 - Know When to Shop There are times of year when you'll get a good deal on a Toyota Corolla. Look in August as the dealers try to clear out models from the current year before the models for the New Year arrive. At this time, they'll be willing to slash prices and give a lot more for trade-ins. Traditionally, it's the best time of year to buy a new car. The other good period is around Christmas. At this time, people are looking at other things, not cars, so business is slow at the car dealer. You'll be able to find good prices on a Toyota Corolla or other models. Step 3 - The Internet You can find almost anything on the Internet, including excellent deals on a Toyota Corolla. Some of the prices for a new vehicle might be very surprising, but be aware that the dealer will probably be a long way from you, so you also have to figure in the costs to get the car to your home. Even with that, your car might cost less than you'd pay locally, so it could prove worthwhile. With used cars, Internet auction sites give you the opportunity to snap up a real bargain although it's always a case of buyer bewares. Never buy any vehicle sight unseen. Always inspect it thoroughly. If you don't know enough about cars, have a mechanic friend do that for you. Step 4 - Friends You might find a good deal on a used Toyota Corolla from a friend. There's always a danger in buying from friends, however. If the car proves to be a lemon, it can end up ruining the friendship. If it's a close friendship, that might not be worth the risk. Friends might know of others selling a Toyota Corolla and can give you leads to find a real bargain. That can be a lot more helpful, as you might hear about the vehicle before it's even advertised.