People who have to temporarily drive a car that is not theirs, say when their own is out of commission, still need to be protected, albeit for a short time, from unforeseen circumstances that may result from their use of such a car. Such people can benefit from short term auto insurance coverage offered by some insurance companies. Such short time car insurance or short term auto insurance coverage is designed to give one same kind of coverage like the one provided for his own car for the period they will be using the other car. You can also have insurance coverage for a driver that is operating the car for a set period of time. As an added protection for you, the temporary driver 's driving history is not placed in the records of your car insurance and consequently will not affect your insurance premiums. Just like regular insurance policies, temporary ones can be comprehensive or a more bare bones liability coverage. Comprehensive doesn't necessarily take care of every single potential expense or accident, but they do handle a great deal more than simple liability. Injury and damage to oneself, others, property, or temporary drivers is all taken care of. Other common dangers, like collisions, thievery, vandalism, weather damage, and fire damage are often generally covered by comprehensive policies as well. Coverage is not limited to accidental injury and property damage to you or another named insured driver on the insured vehicle. Comprehensive also covers other circumstances like collision, theft of items within the vehicle, vandalism, damage by the elements, fire and other accidental damage. In most cases coverage also includes other damage that is not caused by the temporary driver. In contrast, third-party liability coverage only includes damages that are caused by the temporary driver to another person or property. All insurance companies that offer comprehensive insurance coverage also offer short-term or temporary insurance coverage. An alternative resource is the information available to you online. Most insurance companies have an online presence and their web sites make shopping for car insurance pleasant and convenient. When you receive a quote it will generally reach you through your email, you can also opt to have insurance agents contact you by phone. This is a great opportunity to shop extensively for the type of coverage that suits you best. Comparative quotes are offers based on the information you enter at the beginning of the process. The insurance companies use this information to offer you their policies based on same information, making it much easier for you to compare the coverage and costs of each company. Temporary driving circumstances should not make you to lack auto insurance policy since there is no guarantee that no accident will happen during such temporary circumstances. One should avoid being caught unprepared when something happens during this temporary period by spending some amount of money on short term car insurance coverage and get the worth of such amount through the peace of mind that will be associated with the knowledge that you are fully covered.