With the elevated prices that I've been noting for Subarus all through Canada over the past few months, I've been searching exceedingly hard for other methods. After shopping around locally I began to widen my search area. I hastily realized that if I valued the most desirable price on the car of my selection, I would need to search south of the border to the United States. As I began researching, I was flabbergasted to find that the savings ranged from $2,000 to about $10,000 dollars in some cases! I could not believe it. Despite the costs associated with importing the vehicle to Calgary, I would still save thousands of dollars. Needless to say, I quickly became really thrilled to be importing subaru to canada from the US. I contacted several car dealers to discover specifically the car that I was looking for, and I settled on an Outback. Given the options that I was looking at, I was conserving around $5,000 even after fees! I coordinated all of my paperwork, and was assured that the process wouldn't lead to any surprises. On the day of the sale I jumped on an airplane and flew down to a Subaru dealership in Billings, Montana. The exact paperwork did not take a long time, and I got exactly the vehicle that I wanted. The commute back was not eventful, and I was extremely contented with my choice. On getting the car back my friends could not believe the deal that I had gotten on the vehicle. I'm particularly assured that when i buy another new automobile I will definitely be importing subaru to canada again. The amount savings helped me out a lot, and because I made the trip over a weekend, I didn't even lose any time at work. I'm incredibly gratified that I took the opportunity to explore around for the best deal that I could obtain.