Car paint chip repair is an important part of owning a car, at least for your car to keep looking like brand new for years to come. This is the ideal way of dealing with minor scratches and blemishes on your cars body work. A good paint chip fix should allow you to achieve a smoother finish. For minor scratches, there are a ton of quick fixes available in your nearest auto supply shop. The use of such remedies almost never results in a professional grade finish. Visiting a reputable paint repair shop to have the scratches and chipping repaired is the thing to do if you want to closely match the factory finish. The results will last longer if the work is performed on car paint chip repair. The patch up painting will not chalk or fade after a few days. Lots of times professional car paint repair shops will guarantee their work, so if you aren't happy with the results you can always have them do it over. Before you go to an auto shop, you need to learn about the different kinds of paint chip repair and the different paints for each job.

Car Paint Chip Repair Techniques

The initial one is normally referred to as the paint blob. The technician eliminates the chips by applying a blob of paint in the damaged areas. The paints used in this method are generally available as paint pens at auto supply shops for DIY enthusiasts. This can be a really easy method to apply. The hardest part using a paint pen is matching the color to the paint on your car. In addition, patches of paint may not work if there is more paint on your vehicle. Worst of all, the blob tends to be more noticeable. The next type of repair painting work which is called slurry. The technician simply brushes or sponges the paint to the defective areas in this method. Any excess paint will be rubbed off to ensure a smooth and consistent paint finish. Typically, repair shops use colored wax for this type of paint touch up work. The drawback is that the great results may be short lived and they may not last for very long. Lastly, there is the type of repair that is referred to as the air-drying paint chip repair method or process. This method simply involves the application of touch up paint on your car and then adding a layer of air-drying solution to protect against blobs. The name can suggest complicated and expensiveness, but the method can deliver positive results. The best bet for finding car paint ship repair is to use the forms of specially designed paint solutions that target repairing chips. Quinn the Eskimo provides the best chip repair solutions in California. Their system needs no mixing or spraying. Everything can be done in a snap by using a propriety solution called Dr. Colorchip. Location is not an issue because they offer in-house and mobile repair solutions.