With the country seen under one of it's worst recessions in decades, many people are already beginning to re-discover ways to save more money and spend less. Although, admittedly, we couldn't give you the winning lottery number-combination, we can, however, provide you with some excellent tips on how to save some much needed bucks and help you get low cost auto insurance.

Re-evaluate Your Deductible

Most people can afford to increase their deductible to the next tier. This saves you more because your premiums become lower with a higher deductible amount. You don't pay deductibles on a regular basis, but you do on your premiums.

Drive A Low-Risk Vehicle

By 'low-risk' we mean car's that are not popular to thieves, relatively inexpensive and doesn't go beyond 200mph. Older pre-owned car costs much less to insure over the long-haul.

Eliminate Excess/Redundant Coverage

The type of car you drive has an enormous influence on your premiums. Older, less-expensive or safer models would cost you less.

Drive Less

Reducing your annual mileage to 15,000 or less in a year can definitely reduce exposure to accidents, and can also lead to low cost auto insurance.

Become A Safer Driver

Taking Defensive Driving Classes can get you discounts, not to mention teach you some valuable skills to better avoid accidents in the future.

Shop For The Best Rates

Get low-cost auto insurance by shopping and comparing many different insurance providers through the Web. Car insurance portals are very easy to find and are free to use.

Take Care of Your Credit Score

Good credit is seen by your car insurance company as a trait of a responsible, low-risk driver. Having good credit may very well save you money on premiums. These are actually very easy ways to find or maintain a low cost auto insurance. The smart consumer will take advantage of these tips to put themselves in a better position to ride through the though times.