With the poor exchange rate of the pound sterling against the euro, British residents will get much less for their money in Europe unless the present situation improves. At the time of this press release, (December 16th 2008), we are seeing "parity" between the pound sterling and the euro for the first time ever. As a result many United Kingdom residents will consider not going abroad for their 2009 holiday unless things get better. This is why the smart money is on a motorhome holiday for 2009. If the exchange rate does not improve before the summer then a motorhome holiday in the United Kingdom makes good financial sense. If the sterling/euro exchange rate should improve in the pound sterling's favour then you could still take your already hired motorhome to Europe and make the most of getting more euros for your money. Countries such as Spain and also the former Eastern block countries such as Croatia have great cheap campsites and meals out are inexpensive. Better fuel prices: It is worth noting that economic and political circumstances surrounding America and the Middle East have meant that fuel prices have stabilized during the autumn of 2008. Petrol and diesel are less expensive than they were a few months ago, a situation which looks likely to last into 2009 and a factor that is very important if you are considering a touring holiday. Investing in the United Kingdom: If you do "holiday at home" in the United Kingdom you will be helping to keep small businesses in your own country afloat. You may be helping other people just like you to provide for their families. You will be making a "greener choice" too by not flying to your holiday destination. When you hire your motorhome in the UK and you pay in pounds sterling, you are not affected by fluctuations in the European exchange rate. Families love motorhome holidays: kids love camping, caravan and motorhome holidays but sometimes parents find the "under canvas" variety somewhat lacking in luxury!