If you ever feel you need tips for negotiating when buying a used car, these are the ones you want. People really knowledgeable in how to buy a used car use these atrategies, so they will surely be of use to you and me. 1. First, you need to be comfortable with the salesman you are working with. Pay attention to how you feel about them. We usually know within a very short period after meeting someone whether or not well get along with them. If you feel uncomfortable about your salesman dont ignore that feeling, theres probably a reason why. 2. To make sure you do not exceed your limits, decide on what kind of money you are able to spend on your new car ahead of time. Hold on to that decision and leave if the price goes beyond your limit, to save yourself from trouble. 3. Open negotiations with an offer that is low but in reasonable range. 4. Make your decision in your own good time. Don't let yourself get rushed into something just because the salesman seems to think that a hasty decision is necessary if you are not to miss out on something. Instead, make visits to several dealerships and look for your desired vehicle. 5. It is a good and bewildering tactic and negotiating tips for used car buying to decide to suddenly leave while you are in the middle of things. Excuse yourself and haste away for some important matter like coffee. This will sort of leave the salesman hanging in middle air. 6. Prepare yourself to walk out of the deal if you find that the sales agent are in any way dishing you. Go to another car dealer if you are not stopped before you reach the door. 7. Make it a habit to say no to every offer on "extras" that the salesman try to throw in the deal. 8. Exude confidence. 9. Make your research homework properly and find out what car you want before you go to the dealer, then stick to that choice. Don't let the sales agent talk you into something else, remember you might regret a hasty decision 10. Sly tactic: If another sales agent suddenly appear before you have agreed on the deal, this is most likely to try to improve the price (but not for you). Don't let it confuse you-