In an effort to help car manufacturers make more sales, the UK is trying to start a program that would allow people to scrap a car or truck that's more than nine years old in return for an incentive of 2,000 Pounds toward another new or nearly-new car of their choosing. It's designed to both help the car manufacturers and get some of the older, less nice cars off of the road. There are other countries, such as Germany, that already offer this type of incentive. It works well there, so there isn't any reason to assume that it won't work well in the UK, also. Of course, no country is the same and the incentives offered in other countries aren't exactly the same, either. There is always room for speculation regarding whether something will work as good in one place as it does in others. Despite that, however, the UK government will likely go ahead and create this incentive in an effort to ensure that the economy either increases or at least does not continue to decline any further. It's pretty clear that there are problems with the economy in many countries and that the UK is not immune, nor is it the only one to be struggling. With that being the case, it's necessary for countries to do what they can to help their companies and their residents succeed and move forward in an uncertain economy. If they can do this when the economy is bad, they will be that much more prepared when they economy is good. Incentives won't be necessary or expected during a better economy, so taking advantage of these when the economy is suffering is a smart idea for people who are driving older cars and really would like to have something better and newer to commute to work in and to travel in when they go on holiday. If the government can provide that for these people with their incentive program it only makes sense that they work to get these older cars off of the streets and stimulate the economy by encouraging people who turn these older cars in to buy newer cars that often get better mileage, have warranties, and will offer less pollution into the atmosphere.