Online Car Auctions in the UK have great representation on the internet. For those wanting to buy or sell a new or used car, many sites offer free placement and ads for the vehicles, and commission-free sales. Supporting features include catalogues, like parts and accessories. Other traders can also offer new or second hand accessories. Contrast this to before the days of the internet, when going to a car auction demanded that you try to find out what was being auctioned, and details on the particular cars were sometimes left to chance. Experience often told the tale that what you bid on was not what was expected, and often what was expected never showed up. With online car parts sites all that is changed. On an online car parts site you can actually search for the type of car you want, and the search engines will find it if it is there to be sold. Even vehicle re marketers use the online auction sites now to advertise almost any type and quality of used vehicle. If you are selling a car, many of these sites will handle the transactions for you, front to back. So the sites are not only useful for buyers, but sellers as well. Even damaged but repairable vehicles are offered on some sites, for the handyman. Buy a fixer-upper and you can often turn a profit if you know what you are doing. Online auctions offer an ideal opportunity for just about anyone interested in selling or purchasing a car. If you prefer the land based variety of auction, those locations can also be found on the internet, many have websites with directions and phone numbers to get you there. There are plenty of reputable land-based auto auctions going on in the UK for those who prefer the hands on approach in car buying. Whether buying or selling, online or off, the internet has changed the way we do business in dealing with cars, spare car parts and other modes of transportation.