If you search Google for car parts you will find that there are nearly 80,000,000 results. Yes, that is over eighty million. If you are looking to buy car parts online for your classic car, then simply refining the search with classic still yields over 6,000,000 results. Let's refine this a little more. Let's assume that you have an example of that old classic British car the Morris Minor. Now you are down to fifteen thousand results. A very annoying and in fact highly dangerous problem with the old Morris Minors was that their front wheels would quite often fall off. This was due to an inherent design problem with the suspension. What would happen is that dirt and grit would find their way into a suspension joint and the mechanical thread that allows the front wheels to turn would eventually wear away completely. When this occurs the whole of the front suspension simply collapses. Theoretically the fault should be detected by the MOT before there is a catastrophic failure, and proper servicing of the joint should give a reasonable lifetime, but even with the best servicing the part will eventually wear and need replacement. The suspension joints should be replaced every 60,000 miles. The last Morris Minor was built in 1971 and so getting hold of replacement parts should theoretically be difficult. However, let's try searching for Morris Minor stub axle. That gets us about 200 results on Google. Let's start looking at these. On the first page we find several suppliers of the key components of the suspension system. Immediately we locate a supplier of stub axles for the Morris. Furthermore, we find that we can buy a kit that will enable us to take the existing stub axle and replace all the worn parts. The price of this kit? £12.20 including delivery. Not only that, but we also find step by step instructions that will guide us through the whole job. Wow, just a few minutes on the web and we solved the problem.