While the process of getting a payday loan can be cyclical or circular in nature, there are a few steps that make up the process. The first step is to apply online for the loan. The next step is to get approved for your loan. The third step is to receive your loan. The fourth step is to spend your cash loan. The second to last step is to repay your cash loan. The final step is to start over and request an additional cash advance. The next section will describe the life cycle of a cash advance loan and will explain each of the steps presented above. Receiving a payday loan can be very simple process. First, the customer should go online and complete a cash advance application form. The form is basic and includes questions about age, status, and job wage or salary. The next step is for the lending company to approve the customer’s application. Some customers may already be pre-approved for cash loans. The approval step is very quick and most customers receive an answer to their payday loan status within a few hours of applying for the loan. After being approved for the cash, the lender will use direct deposit to get the money to the customer quickly. When the borrower has the money in hand, he or she can use the money to pay bills, make repairs, or for any unforeseen events that require money. The second to the last step is to repay the amount of your cash loan plus all additional taxes and fees on time to the parent company. If and when a loan applicant cannot payback their cash advance in full, then the lending company has the right to place additional fees onto the base sum of the loan. It is strongly recommended that all cash applicants take out the minimum amount of money necessary to meet their expenses. Any extra cash you take out can be very difficult to pay back in the future. Once the applicant has repaid their first loan completely and on time, then the last step of applying for a second or additional cash advance can occur. A customer can only take out one loan at a time. But, an additional loan can immediately be taken out as soon as the primary loan has been repaid. In conclusion, the life cycle of payday loans are easy to comprehend and revolves around six basic steps. The steps from the initial application up to the successful repayment and request for additional loans were all explained in the hope that customers can better understand how to request a payday loan.