Public Liability Insurance policies are being accepted by many organizations and private firms who have employee caring policies. Public liability insurance policies cover risks due to losses resulting from legal actions against the policy holder. Caravan insurance policies have very broad definition. Caravan insurance policy may mean static caravan policy or it may dynamic or tourer caravan. Tradesmen insurance policies provide cover to any kind of trade done with public or any service provided to public clients. Public liability insurance policies are generally demanded by organizations for benefit and safety of their employees, whereas tradesmen insurance policies may be opted by any person with small, medium or big business. Any consultant, professional freelancer or organization group would like to go with the option of tradesmen insurance policy. Due to excessive interest and demand for these insurance policies, insurance firms are now in race to provide the best solution for one’s need in any category of above three. To find best deal for public liability insurance you need to consult with legal adviser or according to your business need you can select the option which is best suited to you. For tradesmen and Caravan Insurance policies we would say that first one needs to understand what kind of and how kind of insurance cover does he want to offer to his employees and properties. After doing these one can consult with insurance policy officer and choose the best deal. As I said, insurance policy firms provide enough guidance about whether to choose caravan insurance policy, Tradesmen Insurance policy or public liability insurance policy and of course which plan to choose. These insurance policies are available with online firms too and they do offer attractive discounts if orders are booked in large numbers. Its better to do some research before going with any particular insurance policy.