The next most expensive thing to purchase after a home is usually buying a car. For the able bodies this purchase can be seen as fairly simple. Taking into account brand, design, price, comfort, reliability, performance and possible resale value. It may sounds a lot but this is fairly straight forward to work out. On the other hand for a wheelchair user there has to be many different things to consider on top of the normal parameters. There are still many vehicles out there that don’t have proper wheelchair access, meaning that picking the right car for you is paramount. Below we will go through a few of the parameters that you should take into consideration when choosing a converted wheelchair vehicle. • Easy access – Entering and exiting the vehicle must be both simple and effortless. You don’t want to struggle to get into and out of your car! • Provide security – Once you are inside the vehicle be sure to check that you are safe and secure before setting off on your journey. • First class visibility – Making sure that you can see the road and what is around you is an obvious but not always considered parameter. • Even suspension – A comfortable drive makes it easier for you to get from A to B, for this a smooth suspension is a must. • Positioning – Make sure that you are positioned in a safe and natural position. Being positioned too low can lead to a frustrating and irritable drive for the user. To compromise on any of the above parameters can lead to an unhappy drive for all concerned. Once these factors are taken into account the earlier parameters like design, price and comfort etc can be thought about. Obviously getting a vehicle that is wheelchair accessible can be an expensive investment but considering the benefits it’s one worth risking. Hopefully you will of found this article both interesting and informative and I wish you luck on your future converted wheelchair vehicle purchase.