It was a common practice among gentlemen who owned automobiles to know the insides of their car and how to repair malfunctions. Those too rich to dirty their hands did it with white gloves on, because it was a prestigious matter to know and repair your own machine. Not many people today are willing to take the time to learn enough about their car to be able to repair it themselves, so the car service industry is strong. So strong that they can charge ridiculous amounts of money for small amounts of light work. And people are starting not to be able to afford such an ordeal. Those interested in repairing their own car are no longer rare, and they are using the Internet to communicate the knowledge they gain to each other, and prevent the beginner's mistakes from influencing the safety of their car by creating step by step guides and even filming videos to show how exactly do you need to repair your car, and what do you need to avoid. By carefully finding all solutions to a problem you are having, on the model of the car you have, and comparing them with each other to make sure that they are right, you will gain the knowledge needed to repair your own car. If you can't find any matching problems and their solutions, you should create a new topic on one of the forums in connection with servicing of cars of your make and model, and wait for the community to help you out if they can. When you find out what the problem is, and how can it be repaired, you can find usedĀ car partsĀ at great prices in online ads, or new ones in shops which provide the info you need on how you install them, if you are too rich to bother searching for answers yourself, although you can probably get the seller of the used car part to explain it to you should you buy it from him. Women drivers could meet more people this way, and stop financing the car servicers.