Everything old is new again! And restoring your vintage car is once again en vogue across the UK. Where it was nearly impossible to find car parts for a classic beauty, now with the assistance of online search engines, finding your Marshall-Nordec supercharger won't be as daunting as you might suppose. But where as classics were once for the hobbyists alone and taken out only for the occasional spin, these days they are driven as the primary transportation, for the love of the car. These refurbished darlings of yesteryear can be had at decent prices, then lovingly restored at bargain rates, for those who know where to look. Begin with an eye toward comparison shopping. Scour your local shops for upholstery, tyres and good paint jobs. For the parts, check your scrapyards, then hit cyberspace. There is no shortage of used and vintage car parts on the internet. Just type in your model and hit ‘enter'; you'll be in parts wonderland. Once your car is fully operational, you'll save hard earned cash by doing your own maintenance. Classic cars can be expensive if you run them to the garage for every whine and shutter. These fellows, as lovely as they are, can be temperamental. If you aren't terribly mechanically inclined, even doing the regular preventive maintenance will save your wallet undue stress. Check your levels, tyres, headlights, oil and gearboxes and top up the screen washer fluid for additional money saving. If you are only slightly more adventurous, owning a classic can still be cost-saving. Follow the manual and tackle the routine maintenance such as changing the oil and filter and fitting the replacement brake disks and pads. Those jobs are pretty straightforward, but empty your wallet of £30-50 per hour just in labour charges alone; a three-hour job can really add up. Doing it yourself makes the joy of owning your vintage that much sweeter! They truly don't make ‘em like that anymore! The old classics are beautiful works of art and now with the ease of finding replacement parts, they are more affordable to own than ever!